Application for Alternative Fetish Modeling

Do you want to get make quick money? We represent a group of Fetish Producers in the Central Florida Area, and we are always interested in working with new girls!  You can make between $200 to $900* for up to a full days worth of work!   Please fill out the below form, and you will hear back from us shortly.

Please Fill Out this Form to Apply Today!

Submission deadline is April 20th
Model For Us
We require your full legal name for our release documentation. Please understand that we will not release your name to the public, and you may select a Model name to use as an Alias.
Your Model Name or Alias.

Your Comfort Level

Please describe your limitations and comfort levels to allow us to offer you the best rates for your time. The more open your limitations are, the more we are able to compensate you for your time.
FYI: The shoots requires at a minimum non-sexual touching. Non-sexual touching means no touching of the breasts, or vagina areas. If you select that you are not OK with any touching, chances of you being selected will be slim.

About You

Please upload photographs of you to be included in your application. These photos will be for private use only, and you retain full ownership of the images. They will be stored on a secure server, and never released to the public.
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Enter the persons name, if no one referrred you leave this blank.
* A full day is approximately 8-10 hours.  The pay ranges from $75-$150/hour depending upon your limitations and availability of Producers to shoot.
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